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Code Name Geronimo

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A break in the manhunt for Osama Bin Laden serves as the riveting backdrop for a gripping story about the combined efforts of an extraordinary group of Navy Seals. This is the story of a clandestine operation, a perfect storm of people, and the rare synergy of circumstances that would amount to the most daring military operation of our generation, inspired by the true story of how it almost fell apart.

Director:John Stockwell
Genre:Action / Thriller
Territory: Czech Rep, Slovakia, Ex-Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Romanian Speaking Moldova, Albania
Cam Gigandet  (Stunner)
Anson Mount  (Cherry)
Freddy Rodriguez  (Trench)
Xzibit  (Mule)
Kenneth Miller  (Sauce)
Kathleen Robertson  (Vivian)
William Fichtner  (Guidry)
Eddie Kaye Thomas  (Christian)
Robert Knepper  (Lieutenant Commander)
Screenplay by:Kendall Lampkin