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Stand Up Guys

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STAND UP GUYS: Academy Award winners Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin play retired gangsters and best friends who come together, after decades apart, for one last night in this action comedy. Twenty–eight years ago, VAL (Al Pacino) chose to protect the identity of his close associates and has been in prison ever since. Now Val is a free man, and his best friend DOC (Christopher Walken) is there to take him in. The trouble is mob-boss, MR. CLAPHANDS, holds a grudge against Val and has secretly ordered Doc to kill Val now that he is out of prison— or Doc will be killed. While Doc conceals his conundrum from Val, he convinces Claphands to let Val live through the night delaying his duties until morning. For one night they can revel in Val’s newfound freedom pursuing mayhem. After Doc and Val find their oldest friend and wheelman, HIRSCH (Alan Arkin), they indulge each other with wild abandon— bullets, robbery, drugs and sex . Back together again, the three men reflect on their friendship and days of glory passed. By the early morning hours, the ticking deadline draws near, and Doc and Val must face Claphands.

Director:Fisher Stevens
Genre:Action / Comedy
Territory: Czech Rep, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria
Al Pacino  (Val)
Chistopher Walken  (Doc)
Alan Arkin  (Hirsch)
Julianna Margulies
Screenplay by:Noah Haidle