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Last Kiss

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THE LAST KISS is an adaptation of an Italian film called L’ Ultimo Bacio about the romantic misadventures of five 30 year old best friends, including a couple who live together and whose relationship could be undone by questions of whether they are meant

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Director:Tony Goldwyn
Genre:Comedy / Drama / Romance
Territory: Hungary
Jacinda Barrett  (Jenna)
Casey Affleck  (Chris)
Zach Braff  (Michael)
Rachel Bilson  (Kim)
Blythe Danner  (Anna)
Tom Wilkinson  (Stephen)
Screenplay by:Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby, Casion Royale)
Produced by:Lakeshore Entertainment
US Distributor:Paramount (Dreamworks)
US Release Date:September 15, 2006
US Box Office:11.614.790
International Box Office:$4.237.611