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Alix Miller, a beautiful and talented artist, is commissioned to paint a gentleman's portrait at his breathtaking country estate. But her subject is more challenging than she could ever imagine. Lee Crompton, a true romantic whose facial deformities can't hide his intelligence and inner beauty, is her subject. As she begins work on Lee's portrait, Alix begins to see what is really important. Lee must also learn to look beyond himself if he is to find true happiness. For far too long he's been rejected by an outside world that only sees his face. Together, they find their hearts' desires, and discover that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

TV Movie

Territory: Czech Rep, Slovakia
Janine Turner  (Alix Miller)
Hal Holbrook  (Alexander Miller)
Screenplay by:Susan Wilson (novel) Selma Thompson (teleplay)
Produced by:Citadel Entertainment
US Distributor:Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS)
Run Time:120'