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REMEMBER is a compelling thriller in which the darkest chapter of the 20th century collides with a contemporary mission of revenge. Zev (Academy Award® winner Christopher Plummer) and his best friend Max (Academy Award® winner Martin Landau) make a pact to dedicate their remaining days to resolving unfinished business: tracking down and exacting revenge on the Nazi commandant responsible for killing their families during the war. As Zev is losing his memory to Alzheimer's and Max is too frail to leave the nursing home, Zev embarks on a journey to find their former tormentor which leads to a shocking conclusion. From acclaimed filmmaker Atom Egoyan comes a powerful thriller about the ultimate cost of revenge and the terrifying truths unearthed when we are forced to confront our past.

3 wins and 7 nominations at film festiavals including Winner Vittorio Veneto Film Festival Award.

Director:Atom Egoyan
Territory: Czech Rep, Slovakia, Ex-Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Romanian Speaking Moldova, Albania
Christopher Plummer  (Zev Gutman)
Martin Landau  (Max Rosenbaum)
Dean Norris  (John Kurlander)
Jurgen Prochnow  (Rudy Kurlander #4)
Henry Czerny  (Charles Gutman)
Bruno Ganz  (Henry Colander #1)
Screenplay by:Benjamin August
Produced by:Ari Lantos / Robert Lantos
Run Time:95 min